Wales' Premier Game and Country Fair and a great day out for all the family

Hound Show

SATURDAY 18TH JUNE 2016 – To begin at 11.00pm

Hound Judges

Mr Mike Nicholson

Mr David Savage

All Enquiries to: Dylan Evans
Tel:- 07971 204736  07785975773

The Welsh Game Fair plays host to the largest gathering of hounds in the country when the annual Hound Show is held on Saturday 20th June 2015. Over 30 packs of hounds will fill two rings under the experienced eyes of the judges. Two special classes will also be held on the day for terriers associated with with the packs exhibiting hounds at the show. The best turned out handler of hounds will be presented with a special award.

Conditions of Entry
1. Handlers and hounds are requested to be in hunt uniform, or white kennel coats
2. Hounds entered for Hill Hound classes may not be pure Fell or English Hounds or Section A Welsh Hounds.
3. Terriers can only be exhibited if their chosen packs are exhibiting on the day – any numbers of terriers per hunt are eligible for entry, provided that they are bona fide working terriers associated with the pack.
4. Registered or unregistered packs are eligible to enter all classes.
5. Exhibitors will be granted a free vehicle pass and two individual personal passes.
Please inform organisers of your intention to attend with hounds in order that entrance passes can be forwarded.


1. Unentered Welsh Hound Dog
2. Entered Welsh Hound Dog
3. Unentered Welsh Hound Bitch
4. Entered Welsh Hound Bitch
5. Couple of Welsh Hounds
6. Unentered Hill Hound Dog
7. Entered Hill Hound Dog
8. Unentered Hill Hound Bitch
9. Entered Hill Hound Bitch
10. Couple of Hill Hounds

Champion Welsh Hound (Classes 1-4)
Champion Hill Hound (Classes 6-9)


11. Unentered English Hound Dog
12. Entered English Hound Dog
13. Unentered English Hound Bitch
14. Entered English Hound Bitch
15. Couple of English Hounds
16. Unentered Fell Hound Dog
17. Entered Fell Hound Dog
18. Unentered Fell Hound Bitch
19. Entered Fell Hound Bitch
20. Couple of Fell Hounds

Champion English Hound (Classes 11-14)
Champion Fell Hound (Classes 16-19)


21. Working Hunt Terrier Dog
22. Working Hunt Terrier Bitch

Classes 1-20 – ROSETTES
Champions – Perpetual Cups with ROSETTES
Best Hound in Show – Inscribed Hunting Horn presented to the winning Huntsman.
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